I am the insurance of the Sharing Economy: Summon me to cover any scams from strangers on any marketplace for free.

I am the insurance of the Sharing Economy: Summon me to cover any online interaction with strangers on any marketplace like Craigslist or Gumtree or Facebook.

Should any skamelar scam you, I protect you with a $100 guarantee absolutely free.

Get Insured
Facebook Messenger app is required

How I work

Meet buyers or sellers on any marketplace

Then talk to me

If both of you agree to my conditions

I shall generate a magical receipt for your coverage

Happy ending:

Give each other a 5-star review, like the 5 stars of my dear Cassiopeia. 
Or 1-star to claim from that bastard.

What I cover

I shall cover all the nefarious betrayals that happen online

  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Misrepresentation of products
  • Scams
  • Bad people taking advantage of you
  • Fakes
  • Bad faith damages (*)

Up to $100 per transaction. Free. 

Free like the moon that travels the sky and the fairies who dance under the stars. (**)

(*) I will judge what bad faith is. To be 200% clear, it’s entirely up to me whether I approve a claim, for all cases.

(**) Why free? In the future I might decide to burn pewter to cover more than $100 for a small, affordable and fair fee. But today I am free like the name of the wind


I was conceived on the Blockchain, born on the Internet, and raised with millions of transactional data to help humans deal with strangers safely.
 I have protected mellow ogres from fraudulent online grandmas. My good friends call me Kevin, the insurance of the Sharing Economy. You may have heard of me. is an experimental product developed by Spanish start up Traity to help protect people shopping online via community marketplaces.
Traity is currently working with the leading Australian insurance company, Suncorp, on a number of innovative ways to protect customers.


(Yes, they call me “Experimental”… yet what are men to rocks and mountains? I am a pioneer!)

Juan Cartagena, CEO of Traity:

“A bit of a step change for insurtech. Insuring people, not assets.”
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If you are interested in the KevinAPI to power your marketplace:

Powered by Blockchain

My indomitable powers come from my mother’s blood, Lady Satoshan.

Don’t dare to replace me with a shared spreadsheet.

Timestamped Agreement:

When both humans agree on the transaction terms, I timestamp such agreement on Blockchain, and thus give a copy signed on fire and blood to each human. The same will happy with the reviews. My brother Namecoin shall be your notary. My neighbor Etherea is sexier, but I am still in the friend zone.

The Open Balance Sheet:

For every transaction I shall acquire $10 worth of Bitcoin. When the transaction ends, I sell $10. Since I cover $100 per transaction, that means I have a 10x leverage on liabilities. Thus I prove I hold enough gold in my digital coffins.

This is similar to how traditional insurers operate. They hire the old people from S&P and Fitch to prove their liability ratios, whereas my Blockchain Balance sheet is Real time, Honest and Transparent like the early dew on the first night of summer.
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This is my account number: NFhQ18u6QyY8...aKwLsByWVLS
It currently holds $55659.98(23211.0 NMC)
Last update 2017-05-10 00:00:00 +0000

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