Kevinsured | Terms and conditions

Kevinsured is a guarantee that protects your on-line transactions up to USD100 or equivalent amount in the relevant applicable currency.

You shall use this guarantee in the following cases:

  • - Your transaction is online and users have been verified and accepted by Kevinsured. Verified and accepted transactions generate a QR code that identifies the transaction.
  • - The product or the service associated to the QR code has a major or hidden defect that prevents its main or ordinary purpose or use. The seller or provider did not state it or conceal it during the transaction. This defect was not visible to the naked eye and you used all due diligence during the transaction process. Lack of payment, fulfilment of obligations or similar default situations are also covered as long as they are not the result of a previously agreed or anyhow coordinated situation between users. Default situations or products originated randomly or as a consequence of fateful events are not covered.
  • - No more than 7 days since transaction have elapsed. Kevinsured expires after 7 days since the transaction occurred.
  • - You are 18 years-old or above.
  • - The product or service is not illegal or contrary to the public order in the country or countries where the transaction takes place.
  • - You do not have another Kevinsure transaction pending.
  • - The service is currently only available in UK, Germany, United States and Spain. Transactions were the beneficiary lives outside of these countries cannot be covered.
  • - The following transactions are expressly out of scope of Kevinsured:
  • - Transactions where there is any form of fraud, including coordinated or disguised fraudulent behaviour and infringement of applicable laws (including violations of Intellectual Properties of Third Parties).
  • - Transactions where users use false data, data that it is not theirs’ own or profiles that are not theirs’ own. Users that have previously used Kevinsured or any Traity resource or tool in an abusive or fraudulent way.
  • - Transactions that involve any kind of goods, payments or services that are illegal, dangerous, damaging or contrary to any legislation in the country (or countries) where the transaction takes place.

Costs and fees

Kevinsured USD100 has no costs for you. It is individually associated to a given transaction and does not imply a future commercial commitment.


Kevinsured guarantees your transaction from the day the QR code is generated and until you review it within 7 days. Kevinsured automatically expires after 7 days since generation of QR code.


If you claim Kevinsured compensation and your claim turns out to be fraudulent we shall identify it and this will have a negative impact in your reputational standard. You will no longer be a trusted user and may also affect your contacts negatively. You may no longer make use of any Kevinsured guarantee. Kevinsured reserves the right to initiate any legal action and inform any relevant Authorities.


Kevinsured shall not be considered responsible or liable for any circumstance related to the acts or comments of the users involved in the transaction.

In no event Kevinsured will be responsible for the publications that users make through the social networks or any reviews or publications that users receive from other sources. The user accepts and understands that when using Kevinsured or registering in Traity, his social profile and other information indexed by Kevinsured or Traity will be visible to all of its users, whether through our website or through said pages. Kevinsured and Traity do not add functionalities nor search criteria other than those already existing in the social networks that it uses, nor do they filter the information from these sources. Consequently, Kevinsured and Traity do not respond from the accuracy and appropriateness of the publications and opinions expressed thereof or the veracity of the identity of users from those platforms and networks. Kevinsured and Traity just makes an access available to the information that is stored in said social networks, portals and platforms and do not endorse reputations or assume responsibility for the decisions made by the user based on the information that Kevinsured or Traity indexes.

How to claim for Kevinsured compensation

You may initiate a Kevinsured claim for compensation when you review your transaction. Our team will handle your query as soon as possible, in best effort fashion.

Data Protection

Data provided to Kevinsured will be handled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Please, refer to your sing-in agreement or terms and conditions for full details.


Whenever applicable, references in this document to Kevinsured shall be deemed made to Traity and TraityPerception and viceversa.

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